🇵🇹 Portugal Has A National Messenger App… With Its Own Crypto Token!

Digital Portugal
4 min readFeb 17, 2022
Vilamoura Marina, Algarve

Algarve is a real paradise on Earth. A hidden gem, a place to spend every summer, with beautiful weather and truly European infrastructure.

Many countries of the world start to see Portugal as a must-visit place. Over 20 Million visitors from Great Britain, Belgium, Finland and France visit Portugal every year.

An ever-growing annual revenue stream of currently 20B Euro in the Algarve region alone makes tourism an attractable and a rewarding niche.

In the early 2019 professionals from various industries came together with a live networking technology to formulate a brand new national digital market structure: a Portuguese messenger app with a live local top100 catalog.

Connect Technology partners and Digital Portugal co-founders: Andriy, Vitaly and Alex

On one side there was a professional development team, who supplied this platform and its endemic features in the Digital Portugal app. The tech-stars of the Connect Digitalization Platform — Vitaly Sokal (CTO), Alex n0vik (Lead Web Dev), senior back-end developer Eugene and the platform founder Andriy Sorokin have joined efforts to create an endemic regional mini-metaverse app.

Digital Portugal is a free instant messaging app with chats, calls, conferencing and a curated digital catalog of top products, offers and services in Portugal.

On the other side there was a family of tourism industry professionals, who wanted to boost their sales by participating as product/service suppliers. Anna & Dmytro run a renown family business in Algarve selling tourist amenities and attractions.

Getting a free messenger for tourists to get around the country was a good idea. But, the big question was: how do we effectively connect with users?

Answering this question alone has influenced the future development of the entire Connect Platform by introducing audience segments and empowering products with assigned live representatives.

In the catalog of the app, each product is assigned to a live chat with its representing agent.

The App Catalog is a Michelin-guide style curated selection of top local products and offers.

This gets everyone on the solid ground of digitalization of the entire country by making the digital version of its processes seamlessly integrate in real life.

So, instead of dull product forms with a cart and a checkout process, users join a dialogue with the product live representative.

This live representative can be a chatbot.

Every purchase is a chat. Every new purchase adds messages to the chat history. Just like in the real world, answering clients' questions one by one, allowing them to sign agreements and make payments remotely, instantly.

Everything in need of attention is marked unread, for every participant, so it goes up on the list of chats.

This app screencast shows features of the app. https://digital.pt evolves everyday.

The perfect CRM

So imagine yourself a seller in a live marketplace, surrounded by streams of visitors. You make impression, offer products, services, do other upsells, all in a dialogue. Your expression sells. You sell your dialogues along with a good product.

Imagine your product speaks for itself and is up to standards. A dialog with the client gives an advantage of exclusivity, so you don't always have to compete by price. Usually you can sell more by chatting with your audience.

It explains the growing popularity of instant messengers:

  • Everyone remember things better when things are recorded.
  • Vendors are happy because they get notifications every time a client has an issue.

Digital Portugal is an instant messenger app with built-in connectivity of potential buyers with vendors with consumers. Tourists and residents alike use the Digital Portugal network to discover what's worth buying, visiting, seeing or eating.

Users select their segment upon registration. Every user segment will see their recommended products, offers and receive a number of targeted, relevant messages.

We have recently started adding local vendors to our multi-vendor marketplace and introduced the ESCUDO crypto token.

The token will allow users make transfers to other users in the app. ESCUDO will be accepted as means of payment for product listings and product advertisement within the Digital Portugal user network.

ESCUDO Presale Is LIVE. Visit https://digital.pt/escudo for details.

🗞 What’s next?

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